Investiture, also known as simply "energy", is a spiritual source of power in Magical Girl Policy. It is an inherent part of all organisms and makes up a portion of their soul, representing their emotional drive. It, along with empathokinesis, serves as the foundation of the series's supernatural abilities.

Most beings possess a simple Investiture composed largely of will, but creatures with higher sentience such as humans can have a larger Investiture with additional emotional components. Some are born with especially strong Investiture granted via an outside force, such as the Spirit Guard inheriting theirs from their Ardentia predecessors at the intervention of the High Spirits. Those destined to become Champions of Fate have their Investiture marked, which becomes visible under certain circumstances. For example, when a future Spirit Guard calls upon their Investiture, their body glows and an Ardentian symbol appears on their forehead, a phenomenon called an Ardent Resonance. The Standridge Hill Stone Circle acts as a beacon that draws people with greater Investitures to Kessia City. This is what has those who would become the Spirit Guard all arrive at the city, but the population is also perfect prey for Platicore's Investiture-draining monsters.

One can have their Investiture drained by another, with free Investiture appearing as green globules of energy. A drained individual is left sluggish and apathetic, with Cory Frost likening the experience to a fly mindlessly approaching a bug zapper. One dies if all of their Investiture is lost, but a partially drained Investiture regenerates over time with seemingly no lasting side effects. Those with an especially intricate Investiture, such as the Spirit Guard, are highly resistant to having it removed and can reflexively weaponize it to repel such an attempt. Extracted Investiture can be used to empower oneself, fuel empathokinetic foci, or be infused into an object to grant it a degree of sentience; Platicore specializes in these practices and plots to obtain enough Investiture to combat Fate.

One's Investiture correlates to their natural range of empathokinetic abilities. For example, Rob possessing the power of serenity allows for highly keen empathokinetic perception, with said power stated by Platicore to reach near telepathy at its peak. Some foci are used in conjunction with one's Investiture, such as each Spirit Stick only responding to the Investiture of its paired Spirit Guard and temporarily bringing all of their Investiture's power to the surface when activated. One's Investiture appears to have some relation to whether they have an aura, as each Spirit Guard's aura contains their namesake emotion that makes up much of their Investiture.

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