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Magical Girl Policy Wikia is a freely edited database on Magical Girl Policy, a magical girl serial web fiction by Taralynn Andrews. The series currently consists of 53 chapters on Andrews's website as well as 21 vignettes on her Patreon page.

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Articles pertaining to the characters of Magical Girl Policy may be quickly accessed from this navigation box, which is also available at the bottom of each character's page.

Magical Girl Policy characters
Spirit Guard
Robert Dreese/Robynne DarlingAngela WarrantMallory DrakeVivian JoyKara Balmer
Spirit Guard's allies
Cory FrostEli DrakeKunapipiNoriko YukimuraNick SiekertWill Siekert
Platicore's forces
PlaticoreTracePolygalDay LaModeCell-celia
Ardent Empire
PrincessSoldierScholarMenderShrine MaidenEmpressKnightLiff
SAU Cheerleading Team
Cammy DeCroixJodi RyderTanya TellStacy AmbroseLilly
BrookDale BridgesDustin DurfeeEvelyn GrayFateTaylor DreeseList of implied characters

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Information pertaining to locations, organizations, and other concepts in Magical Girl Policy may be quickly accessed from this navigation box, which is also at the bottom of each relevant page.

Magical Girl Policy setting
Abilities and concepts
AuraDisconnection EffectEmpathokinesisHealing factorInvestitureSwear filter
Ardent EmpireDeepwaterKessia CityPlaticore's lairRale Valley MallSchuyler Adamson UniversityStandridge Hill Stone Circle
Hush CorpsKnights of the Spherical TableMayhem TemplarSAU Cheerleading TeamSFEERSSpirit Guard
Aspect RealmsOther PowerList of brands

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