Robert Dreese, or Rob for short, is the main protagonist of Magical Girl Policy. A young man from the small town of Deepwater attending his first year at SAU, Robert wants a simple, drama-free life, but finds himself dragged into the conflict between Kessia City's resident superheroes and their foes. As the reincarnation of the Shrine Maiden, Robert's Ardent Resonance marks him as a Champion of Fate and the final member of the Spirit Guard. After Robert transforms into his superhero alter ego, Spirit Guard Serenity, his body is reformed into that of a young woman, prompting a change of identity to Robynne Darling. Robynne, Robert, and Serenity being one and the same is known only to her best friends Cory and Eli as well as her fellow Spirit Guard and their allies. To those who don't know her secret, Robynne presents herself as an old friend of Robert's that arrived to college late due to helping her uncle with a harvest back home, and Robert as having moved back to Deepwater after the sudden death of his father.

Physical appearance Edit

Robert is an eighteen-year-old with a tall, athletic build, which he has kept in shape from his years of playing American football and sticking to a healthy diet due to his guardian, Uncle Taylor, being a dental hygienist. He has short chestnut brown hair, which has been kept in a similar style since his middle school days. His brown eyes typically express a calm, calculating demeanor. As someone from the southern United States, Robert has a slight country accent. Robert tends to dress for comfort over style, not minding SAU's business casual dress code but preferring tennis shoes, jeans, and graphic tees. Prior to transforming for the first time, calling upon his Investiture causes his silhouette to glow a light blue and his forehead to display the Ardentian emblem for serenity: a circle with a dot in the middle and a larger circle overlapping it that evokes ripples in water.

Unlike the other Spirit Guard, whose transformations gave them relatively minor body alterations to more closely resemble the people they reincarnated from, Spirit Guard Serenity's body is accompanied by a change in sex and is completely unrecognizable from Robert's. She is over a foot shorter than before at 5'2'', and her muscular build is replaced by one associated with cheerleaders. She has a curvaceous body type accentuated by a thin waist and very large breasts. Her hair is wavy, reaches to her rear, and is a blood red scarlette. It is empathokinetically charged, causing it to flow like water even when she stands still as well as perpetually cover one of her green eyes, though the latter is compensated for by her keen empathokinetic perception. Her voice affects a southern drawl more noticeably than it had as Robert, and she is annoyed whenever people comment on her accent. Serenity's costume consists of a blue two-piece cheerleader uniform, heeled boots, and long fingerless gloves.

Robynne retains the appearance of Serenity, but the latter's Disconnection Effect as well as the Hush Corps work to block those who would associate the two. Her hair is no longer charged, so she prefers to keep it in a high ponytail to alleviate the annoyances of such long hair. She'd rather cut it short, but her supernatural healing factor prevents her from keeping it that way. Robynne's face and general figure is similar to her late mother's, including her scarlette hair that mysteriously appears in photos that had previously displayed a more standard reddish-brown. Despite Robynne not resembling her original self at all, Eli recognizes her by the unchanged expression in her eyes. Robynne is considered exceptionally attractive, which causes her grief due to being uncomfortable in her new body as well as highly introverted. She attempts to downplay this by wearing loose, thick clothing in colors that clash with her hair. When not subject to SAU's dress code of a blouse and skirt combo or the cheerleader uniform, Robynne dresses similarly to how she did as Robert. She uses her old, now oversized shirts as sleepwear.

Personality Edit

Robynne gaming

Rob's biggest hobby is playing video games such as Aspect Realms.

Robert is a confident, logical honor student who is good at keeping calm even in stressful situations. Although he has been mistaken for being cold due to his tight control over his emotions and introverted nature, he is rather selfless and has a strong sense of justice, not afraid to put himself in harm's way for the sake of even strangers. Robert dislikes lying in both himself and others, and hates feeling manipulated even more, which has led to his open hatred of Fate for meddling in his life and even some sympathy toward Platicore for wanting to destroy Fate. He feels that unneeded emotions cloud one's judgment, trusting his logic and sense of responsibility to guide him, rarely doubting himself once he makes up his mind. When he can't quickly come to a decision, he is prone to overanalysis. Despite his noble character, Robert can hold a grudge and derives petty pleasure from spiting people, especially those who would hurt others.

As an introvert, Robert is fond of his privacy and hates being the center of attention. His reluctance to ask others for help stems from this as well as being raised as an only child by a single guardian, Uncle Taylor. He likes to be alone in his room as a way to recharge and think, which gives others the impression that he's a recluse. After making a conscious effort to improve his social skills during high school, Robert can hold a conversation rather well, where he displays a tendency for sarcasm as well as a reliable ability to gauge a person's sincerity. He has a habit of biting his thumbnail when contemplating something. He also sometimes makes use of his Uncle Taylor's unique witticisms despite thinking they're corny. For all of Robert's confidence, he has a large aversion to physical contact; he tends to reflexively shiver or squirm away if he feels his personal space is being violated. Robert's time at Deepwater High is a major sore spot for him, as his introversion, reluctance towards touching, and insecurity over secretly taking ballet for an edge in football was turned against him in the form of rumors that he was gay, eventually leading him to quit the team and his girlfriend Brook to break up with him. In hindsight, Rob admits that he should have broken up with Brook long before that point due to the two clearly wanting different levels of intimacy, but having a girlfriend gave him an easy out in the football team's sex-focused conversations.

Competitive by nature, Robert's hobbies include sports and video games, though he is sometimes considered odd by each hobby's respective demographics for enjoying both. He played for his school's football team as a running back throughout middle school and much of high school, which has the added benefit of letting him feel closer to his late father, who played as well. Robert quit the team due to drama making the environment no longer fun, but he still enjoys watching football games on TV. Getting suspended during said drama led him to discover his favorite video game, Aspect Realms, which remains his primary pastime. Robert credits the game along with his old guild, Mayhem Templar, for getting him through the end of high school, and considers his guildmates close friends. Robert is a skilled gamer and prefers games with competitive multiplayer, particularly enjoying the banter associated with team-based games such as Aspect Realms's PvP arenas. Robert also collects Collider comic books, who is his favorite superheroine, and listens to classic rock music such as Creed of Charisma.

As a Mechanical Engineering major that finds comfort in understanding how things work, Robert is openly skeptical of mystical subjects such as the Spirit Guard's supernatural abilities, preferring to think of what others call "magic" as not-yet-understood feats of engineering. This, combined with his hatred of being manipulated, causes him to turn down joining the Spirit Guard at the Standridge Circle. When he's told that transforming into Spirit Guard Serenity would irreversibly force him into a female body, he refuses on the grounds of not giving up his life just because the unknowable Fate and his supposed past life as the Shrine Maiden arranged for things to be that way. Despite his strong refusal, he later offers to help in ways that don't involve transforming. This doesn't last, however, as the fight with Day LaMode pushes him to transform: he would rather curse everything for making him throw his identity away than have to live with knowing he could have saved Spirit Guard Tenacity's life.

While transformed into Spirit Guard Serenity, the instincts inherited from the Shrine Maiden put her into a state of mind suited for battle, dulling her reaction to her foreign body into mere surprise. The form's built-in urge to dramatically monologue even has her lightly joke about her change when battling Day LaMode. When powered down, however, Robynne is acutely aware of how alien her new body is. No longer comfortable in her own skin, the self-confidence she was once proud of is fractured and the social awkwardness she had worked hard to be rid of often returns when around people who don't know her secret. She acts more natural when she steers conversation away from herself or talks about things she's passionate about, as it allows her to be more genuine about who she is. Robynne loathes the attention her body draws, and is particularly disturbed that her new brain is attracted to men instead of women. When she discovers that it's the eyes she finds especially attractive, she makes an effort to avoid eye contact with such people.

After officially joining the Spirit Guard, Robynne is proud to be a hero that can protect people, though her decision to join the cheer team to spy on Cammy DeCroix is driven not by a belief that Cammy could be the reincarnated Empress, but rather Cammy reminding her of the one responsible for ruining Robert's last two years of high school. Robynne remains skeptical about her job's supernatural aspects and prefers a scientific approach, questioning things her teammates and Kunapipi never gave much thought. She maintains her disdain for Fate, insists on using the scientific name empathokinetics rather than simply "magic", coins the term EKP (empathokinetic perception), and makes a point of separating herself and the other Spirit Guard from their past lives in the Ardent Empire. Her run-ins with the Spirit Guard's inexplicable swear filter frequently annoy her, as she'd been unaware of how often she swore. While she promises herself not to take her powers for granted, she is not above taking advantage of her regeneration capabilities to skip showers and eat as much junk food as she wants.

While Robynne readily complains to her friends about her situation to vent, her calm nature and introversion masks just how close she comes to breaking under the pressures of her new life. Once alone, her first night as Robynne sees her break down in tears, something she hadn't done since the death of her grandmother ten years prior. Robynne greatly desires to live at least somewhat similarly to how she had as Robert, considering her continued friendship with Cory and Eli as well as her gaming with fellow SFEERS members to be among her few bastions of sanity. Once aspects of her new life become routine, her body woes are compounded by an identity crisis: she doesn't recognize who she's become, so the fear of her uncle not understanding when the time comes for her to explain everything returns to the forefront.

Abilities Edit

Serenity transformation

Rob's full range of empathokinetic abilities are available only while transformed into Spirit Guard Serenity.

Like the other Spirit Guard, Robert has an aura of a plant scent: a bouquet of fresh roses. It becomes more vivid as Robynne, and flares up even more as Spirit Guard Serenity. Serenity's aura protects her from most forms of non-empathokinetic damage, said to be potent enough to stop bullets.

Robert possesses unusually keen empathokinetic perception, capable of feeling Polygal drain people of their Investiture at a distance, represented as pains of icy chills in his bones, as well as vaguely feel the Spirit Guard's auras, both abilities the other Spirit Guard did not have until after their first transformation. Syncing with his Spirit Stick hones this sense further, putting it on par with the Spirit Guard's civilian forms. Transforming into Serenity boosts it to its highest point, effectively serving as a second sight that detects even regular emotions rather than just auras, which allows her to predict enemy and ally movements by reading their intentions. Robynne's EKP is not quite as powerful as that, but it is the most sensitive of all the Spirit Guard, being the only one that can detect Eli's aura. Platicore notes that the power of serenity borders on telepathy once fully mastered.

Robert's complex Investiture grants him a strong resistance to having it drained by a monster. He instinctively weaponizes the chill he feels that accompanies a draining to defend himself. This can repel the monster or cause it to overload, releasing all of the Investiture it had collected and weakening it. Using his Investiture like this reveals his Ardent Resonance: a light blue glow around his body and the symbol of serenity on his forehead. He can suppress this Resonance or make it glow brighter if desired, making his aura more visible to those who can sense it. The Resonance no longer appears after he transforms for the first time.

Robert transforms into Spirit Guard Serenity by holding his Spirit Stick and, while feeling serene, pulling the baton apart and saying "Fountain of Serenity, Spirit Guard Power Up!" This obscures him in a blue glow that renders him invulnerable during the transformation. He is placed in a sort of pocket dimension dubbed the Transformation Station, where he must dance to the song of the Shrine Maiden to complete the process. Regardless of how much time is spent in the Transformation Station, approximately thirty seconds pass in the real world, which is the longest duration among the Spirit Guard. Serenity reverts to Robynne by either losing consciousness or willing her power to return to her Investiture while subconsciously feeling out of danger, though her body returning to normal leaves her feeling weak for a short time. In contrast to her relatively long power-up time, her emotional control allows her to power down significantly faster than her teammates, capable of doing so in an instant.

Robert's history of playing football and the accompanying ballet training has given him a fit body with high strength, endurance, speed, and balance. Robynne's body being completely different largely negates this training. As Serenity, however, she boasts superhuman attributes all around as well as the Shrine Maiden's combat instincts, and is the most agile of the Spirit Guard. Unique to her among the Spirit Guard are unnaturally quiet footsteps and her body not making ripples or other disturbances in water, leaving her dry. These attributes augment her stealth capabilities, and she uses her experience in playing as a stealth character in Aspect Realms to take full advantage of them.

Serenity can mentally summon her weapons to her hands as well as dismiss them. They initially take the form of a pair of blue pompoms, but clapping them together switches between this form and their true appearance as a pair of daggers. Her special moves require her to hold both knives at once and speak the name of the move, which utilize the element of water. Like with her stealth, her character in Aspect Realms also uses twin daggers.

Serenity has a fast-acting healing factor that seals up wounds, prioritizing the smaller ones. It also attempts to keep her appearance consistent, leaving her relatively unblemished even during a violent battle. Powering down resets Robynne's body to how it was when she powered down for the first time, which she uses to skip showers and such. Robynne herself has a lesser healing factor that acts like an accelerated version of the human body's natural regeneration, though it also inexplicably applies to her hair, preventing her from keeping it cut for more than one night of sleep. Both forms of healing are fueled by calories, so Robynne uses this super metabolism to get away with an unhealthy diet.

The Disconnection Effect causes those who look at Spirit Guard Serenity or her image to mentally assign that sole name to her, but it's weakened via repeated exposure. The effect applies on some level even to those who know that she's Robynne, perceiving the two forms slightly differently. It also prevents Serenity herself from accidentally calling her fellow Spirit Guard by their real names.

Robynne occasionally receives visions of her past life as the Shrine Maiden during her sleep, complete with the Maiden's emotions and other sensations. While said visions provide information on the Ardent Empire and thus some background on the Spirit Guard's mission, the team believes they're actually granted in order to help the Spirit Guard in the future.

Special moves Edit

  • Placid Mist: Serenity creates a spray from her daggers that renders her and those next to her invisible to the naked eye, but not to empathokinetic perception. While the move is active, she can project her voice as if it was from several places at once to obscure her location. The veil has a top speed that requires Serenity to move no faster than a jog in order to stay hidden, and attacking in any way dissipates the veil entirely.
  • Geyser of Tranquility: Launches high-pressure, steaming water from her daggers. She can either hold the daggers close together for a full-power blast or far from each other for two weaker attacks.
  • Halcyon Streams: Creates a stream of water from each dagger that serves as a whip.

Biography Edit

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Background Edit

Rob parents

A photo of Rob's parents on their wedding day, which he always keeps in his wallet to remember them by.

Robert Dreese, named after his grandmother Robynne, was born in Deepwater, a small town in the southern United States. His parents died in a car accident when he was three years old, so his Uncle Taylor became his guardian. His grandmother's death when he was seven or eight left his uncle as his only remaining family. Robert started playing football in middle school to connect with his late father, who was an all-state running back.

Robert continued playing football at Deepwater High and looked to become the starting running back once the current one graduated. His sophomore year, however, saw Dustin Durfee get a massive growth spurt and overtake him on the depth chart. Dustin started dating the popular cheerleader Evelyn Gray, becoming the school's power couple. When Robert saw Evelyn make fun of her former friend to the point of making her cry, Robert stood up to Evelyn and called her out in front of a crowd. Evelyn, unable to effectively attack Robert's ego due to him being a confident honor student, decided to take her frustrations out on Brook, Robert's girlfriend who was on the cheer team. Dustin was later convinced by Evelyn to put Robert, who he saw as his football rival, in his place by trying to beat him up, though it ended with Dustin getting tripped by Robert and his shoulder separated. Robert was suspended for two weeks, and it was during this time that he started playing Aspect Realms.

Robert returned to school to find much of the students as well as his coach mad at him for injuring the star player, and was moved further down the depth chart. Robert's continued grumpiness at this caused his uncle to suggest getting so good that he'd have to be moved back up, specifically ballet lessons to improve his leg strength and balance like his father had. Robert, insecure about this, agreed on the terms that he do it out of town. This was somehow discovered by Evelyn, who quietly spread rumors that Robert was gay in hopes of undermining his relationship with Brook, who was made to wonder about his aversion to touching and gradually pushed for more intimacy. At the start of junior year, Evelyn finally revealed that Robert took ballet, and the football team's relentless name-calling wore on him to the point of no longer enjoying the sport. After Robert went to the Homecoming dance with Brook and was convinced to take her to a scenic outlook, the intimacy problem turned into an argument where she accused him of faking their year-and-a-half-long relationship to hide his sexuality, which ended in their breakup. Brook started hanging with Evelyn's group, and Robert eventually quit the football team and hated his remaining time at high school.

After graduating high school, Robert decided to pursue a Mechanical Engineering degree at Schuyler Adamson University, the school his mother and father had met at as a cheerleader and football player respectively. His Uncle Taylor suggested he go someplace closer to home, but Robert was happy that Kessia City was halfway across the country as it meant he could get far away from the drama at Deepwater. Upon arriving, he immediately hit it off with his roommates Cory and Eli, who are nerds just like him.

Part 1 Edit

Robert at Standridge

Robert learns of Fate's plans for him when he meets with the Spirit Guard at the Standridge Circle.

The day before classes start, Robert and Cory visit Eli at his part-time job, the Loose Change arcade. Robert feels a heaviness in the air and an icy chill in his bones when he notices a group of children acting strangely around the Zombie Mansion machine, so he and Cory play the game to see what's so special about it. Upon starting the game, its Polygal character reaches her hands through the screen to grab the two and start draining their energy. Robert instinctively wills the icy feeling within him to defend his inner self, forcing Polygal to release them, return the energy she stole, and fully reveal her monster form. Robert, glowing blue from that stunt and with a hunch that things will work out, stands his ground so the reinvigorated children can safely escape. Robert is confused by his glowing, which Polygal calls an Ardent Resonance and concludes he is some sort of ally to "them" that should be taken to Platicore as a new servant. With Rob ensnared and his friends held at gunpoint, the group is saved by the Spirit Guard. Both Polygal and the Spirit Guard are shocked to find a strange symbol appear on his forehead along with the glow, believing it means something impossible. Once the Spirit Guard destroy Polygal, Rob presses the heroes on what his glowing means, and though he's distrustful of them for somehow being unknown outside of Kessia City, he's convinced to give his phone number so he can be contacted after research is done.

Robert, Cory, and Eli are questioned by the police about the monster attack at the arcade, making sure not to mention Rob's glowing. After returning to their dorm, Robert has his friends explain the Spirit Guard to him, and the trio tries to make sense of all that happened. Throughout that day and the next, Robert ends up speaking to people who are secretly connected to the Spirit Guard and trying to get a read on his character. Mallory visits the dorm along with Vivian to check on her brother Eli after hearing a monster appeared at his job, probing Robert for the details of the incident, impressed to hear that he fearlessly stood up to Polygal despite being unaware of the Spirit Guard's existence. Rob meets Angela in his World History class, finding her strange with her theories of the Standridge Hill Stone Circle being constructed via magic as well as connected to the Spirit Guard and monster attacks. When the subject turns to the Spirit Guard's exploits, he appalls her by considering a monster evil yet clever for taking hostages, saying emotion has no place on the battlefield. When his uncle calls him, Robert decides not to tell him about the attack as he doesn't want him to worry about his nephew being in danger and potentially ordering him home. Rob is then called by SAU student counselor Ms. Kuna, who inquires as to his condition after the attack, is surprised to hear he's not shaken up by it, and offers a meeting with him if necessary.

Robert receives a text message seemingly from himself: the Spirit Guard have figured out what his glowing meant and want to meet him alone at the Standridge Circle the following night. Robert, suspicious that the extremely secretive vigilantes plan to do something to him for glowing in a way they seemed to be worried about, convinces Cory and Eli to remotely record the meeting in case something bad happens. The next day, Rob is out of it due to being uncharacteristically worried about the plan, absentmindedly kicking a pebble toward the cheerleaders Stacy and Lilly. After profusely apologizing and helping Lilly pick up her dropped fliers, he's given one such flier for the upcoming Club Week.

That night at the foot of Standridge Hill, Robert enacts the first stage of the plan by pretending to call it off, sending Cory and Eli away. At the Circle, Robert is called by Eli so the phone in his pocket picks up audio while the fiber-optic camera hidden on his headphones sends video to Cory's laptop. The Spirit Guard appear and introduce Kunapipi, the expert they asked about Rob's glowing. Robert is unsettled by the talking wallaby, so she assumes her human form of Ms. Kuna. She explains how Fate works, her own role as a Guide sent to find Champions such as Robert and the Spirit Guard, and how Platicore crusades against Fate for manipulating people's destinies, the last of which causes Rob to shock her by wondering aloud if Platicore has the right idea. In order to explain why Robert glowed and resisted Polygal draining his Investiture, Ms. Kuna and the Spirit Guard tell the story of the Ardent Empire's experiments with empathokinesis and its eventual downfall, with Rob making snarky comments about how ridiculous and cliché the whole thing is.

At Spirit Guard Tenacity's instruction, Robert reaches into the iris of the Standridge Circle and pulls out a light blue baton, an empathokinetic focus said to only be available to a reincarnated member of the Princess's team. His first thought is that he's the reincarnated Knight due to Polygal describing Rob as an aloof protector of the Spirit Guard. While he's surprised to be told he's actually reincarnated from the Shrine Maiden, he's not particularly bothered that he was apparently supposed to be born a girl as he's happy with the life he has. He shows hesitation about the burdens of being a superhero, which becomes anger when he's told transforming into Spirit Guard Serenity would force him to live the rest of his life as a woman in order to align his body with the Shrine Maiden's. When he brings up having to leave Cory and Eli as a reason why he won't do it, Tenacity explains he can remain part of their lives and convinces the Spirit Guard to reveal their secret identities to him, as Tenacity is Eli's sister Mallory. The Spirit Guard say Robert needs to transform because the newest member always appears exactly when needed, explaining he had weakened Polygal when his resistance caused her to lose her Investiture. Robert's refusal remains firm: he makes his own decisions and won't quit his life to fulfill the plans of Fate and his alleged past self. When Noriko appears with the caught Cory and Eli, Rob reveals the recording was his own plan, explains why he did it, that he wouldn't have done so if he knew the Spirit Guard were going to reveal their identities, and swears to never tell their secret. As the team leaves, Noriko warns him that the Hush Corps will be closely monitoring him and steals his phone to delete any evidence it may have, though he notices this and stops her, having Angela convince her to give it back as well as return Cory's laptop as quickly as possible. Despite giving his Spirit Stick to Ms. Kuna for safekeeping, he's annoyed to find it shortly warp back to his side like Vivian said it would.

The next day, Robert meets Angela in their World History class, having been unable to sleep due to the sensation of his Spirit Stick seemingly watching him at all times. She explains it as his empathokinetic sense awakening, and that he'll be able to tune out the Stick's presence given time. She invites him to have lunch with her, Mallory, and Vivian to help clear the air from last night, but he turns her down, clarifying that he holds nothing against them but won't be changing his mind on not joining the Spirit Guard.

That Saturday, Robert goes to the Rale Valley Mall with Cory and Eli, entering the Dungeon Direct comic book store for the latest issue of the Collider series. After checking out, he notices Angela and Mallory, who have been searching the mall along with Kara and Vivian for the strange empathokinetic humming that appears in seemingly random locations. Having felt the humming himself, Rob offers to help in the search, as it's something he can do to protect people without transforming. They turn him down and ask him to leave the mall in case the sensation is a monster, as Mallory is worried the loyalty of Cory and Eli will put their lives at risk like it had at the arcade. On the trio's way out, Robert discovers the source of the humming: a mannequin monster called Day LaMode that reveals itself after its failure to remotely drain him causes him to glow and catch the monster's attention. The group is pursued by LaMode and her mannequin army around the mall, and Robert twice stalls for the Spirit Guard's arrival by using his Ardent Resonance as an empathokinetic beacon and getting her to talk, taunting her for believing she's Platicore's only monster. The second time has Spirit Guard Tenacity arrive alone, getting brutally beaten by her nimbler opponent. With Eli and Cory in tears as they can do nothing but watch Mallory's death approach, Robert decides he's the only one who can do something about it and retrieves his Spirit Stick. He has his friends flee so he can be alone when he transforms, cursing everything that got him to this point but knowing he could never forgive himself if someone died due to his inaction. Rob, now Spirit Guard Serenity, makes her entrance with a flying kick as Day LaMode is about to deal a fatal blow to Tenacity. Serenity easily gains the upper hand with her speed, Placid Mist invisibility, and verbal barbs, continuing her taunts from where she left off. She feels something like a guilty conscience belonging to something invisible on top of a trash can, but decides against pursuing it in the middle of a fight. After tricking Day LaMode into charging at the barely conscious Tenacity, Serenity uncloaks, stabs her in the mouth to prevent her verbally activated body transfer, and kills her with Geyser of Tranquility. The other Spirit Guard and Noriko arrive, surprised at Serenity's appearance and grateful for her sacrifice. In order to evade the incoming police, Serenity uses Placid Mist to hide herself, Charity, and Tenacity while Charity operates on Tenacity. Afterwards, Serenity carries Tenacity to her apartment via the Standridge Stones, then enters Kunapipi's office to relay further instructions from Charity.

After Serenity explains why she transformed, Ms. Kuna teaches her how to power down, which she manages to do faster than any of the other Spirit Guard. With the Shrine Maiden's instincts removed, Rob is suddenly hit by how wrong her new body feels, including her outfit being refit to her. Rob and Ms. Kuna then begin setting up Rob's new identity. Her new name, Robynne Ellis Darling, is derived from her grandmother's name (though she assumes it's spelled "Robin"), father's name, and mother's maiden name. No longer able to live in her old dorm, she can live in either Angela and Mallory's apartment or a dorm with Kara, Vivian, and Noriko. She decides to share a room with Noriko rather than Angela due to a shared desire for privacy, the room having ample desk space for her computer, and the dorm being closer to Cory and Eli's. Her classes are lightened due to likely having to remain in town to fight monsters over the summer as well as needing less stress while adjusting to her new life. A few options for how to explain the situation to her Uncle Taylor are discussed, deciding it'd be best to avoid speaking over the phone so she can tell him in person where the Standridge Stones's perception filter makes him more open to the idea of the Spirit Guard; the Hush Corps will rig a contest to win him a trip to the Homecoming football game that's in 28 days.

Part 2 Edit

Robynne meets Nick by Grimay

Robynne's first day back to class has her meet Nick, who had worked on the documentation for her new identity.

Robynne arrives in her new dorm, where Cory, Eli, and Angela had just finished moving her belongings. She feels betrayed that her old roommates briefly check out her body before they recognize her. They all discuss her new name and cover story as well as Mallory's condition. Robynne's alien laugh at Cory's joke has her realize how much of her identity she's lost, sending everyone away so she can eat dinner alone and have time to think. After eating, her attempts at relieving her stress are foiled by her long hair getting caught in the door as well as finding herself unable to talk to her Aspect Realms friends or answer her uncle's phone call with her new voice. With no one able to understand what she's going through and unable to speak with the family she desperately needs, Robynne is overcome by loneliness and breaks down crying for the first time since the death of her grandmother ten years ago.

A little while later, Robynne's sorrow is interrupted by Vivian, who treats her to a "choco-phagial communication therapy" session where they eat ice cream and vent about her situation. Robynne learns the pros and cons associated with her healing factor and body resetting after transformation. When Vivian suggests her theory that the Spirit Guard's body alterations stem from attractive women in their family, Robynne shows pictures of her late mother and is told there is a strong resemblance. The photos mysteriously show her mother with scarlette hair instead of the reddish-brown they had in past, but Robynne saves that question for another day. Noriko appears and apologizes to Robynne for misjudging her, Cory, and Eli for recording the Standridge Circle meeting. Robynne is touched that Noriko retrieved the Collider comic she had dropped at the mall, treasuring the damaged yet intact issue that reminds her of her own identity. After Noriko kicks Vivian out of the room, Robynne spends the rest of the night reading her comic book.

The next day, Robynne goes shopping for a new wardrobe with Kara, Vivian, and Noriko using Ms. Kuna's credit card, struggling to find anything comfortable on her unfamiliar body. Kara and Noriko suggest dressing in a manner that's similar to but more modest than other girls on campus in order to avoid unwanted attention, downplaying her red hair with colors such as orange and obscuring her figure and age with a suit jacket. Robynne is unenthused about having to wear a skirt to class, and admits that while she had considered SAU's dress code a positive as Robert, even then she found it odd that the unusually powerful Student Association hasn't overturned girls having to wear skirts. Robynne convinces Vivian to give Cory a second chance, explaining that the two of them get along great and the spying at the Circle was Rob's idea.

That Monday, Robynne skips class to play video games, as she felt so uncomfortable alone in the shower that she decided she's not ready to meet people outside. She's frustrated at the sexist comments from the other Corona Forge players, but a witty comeback gets some of them, such as Fretribution, to stand up for her. Robynne is startled by Noriko suddenly appearing behind her, and explains why she needs another day to be ready for class. Noriko opens a binder of Robynne's new documentation from the Twins of the Hush Corps, including updated records for her and her uncle in the future. Robynne is annoyed at the spelling of her first name as she was unaware of how her grandmother spelled it, but is advised against changing it again as it might catch the attention of government agencies. Noriko, unfamiliar with internet culture, expresses interest in Robynne's online handle of Bluster, which Rob says was chosen simply due to her Aspect Realms character using wind. Robynne wants to change it so it's not so easily twisted into a sexist insult like "Busty", so Noriko suggests relating it to her scientific interests and Spirit Guard element of water, with the two eventually deciding on Waveform.

Robynne returns to class the next day, nervous at the thought of people looking at her body. In her Intro to Business class, Stacy, one of the cheerleaders Robert had accidentally kicked a rock at days prior, sits next to Robynne and chats with her. Stacy is surprised that Robynne has no cheer experience given her build and even offers to ask for a spot on the team, explaining the unusual split structure of SAU's cheer team in the process. Robynne turns her down, but is glad that her first conversation with a stranger as her new self is with someone kind and sincere. After class, she's disturbed to have felt no desire to let her eyes linger on the cheerleader like she would have as Robert. On her way to her Introduction to Digital Media Arts class, she's greeted and given coffee by her classmate Nick Siekert, who has to introduce himself as one of the Twins due to forgetting the person he made documentation for had never actually met him. He accidentally hurts her feelings by making a point to chivalrously open the door for her, but the two take to teasing each other once that misunderstanding is cleared up.

Robynne resigns from the Mayhem Templar guild in Aspect Realms, claiming to be quitting the game due to college workload. She had told her uncle that her phone's receiver is broken, so they now text each other throughout the day. She uses her lunch break to visit the Club Week area, checking out the SFEERS booth Cory and Eli had recommended for having an Aspect Realms guild that won't associate her with Robert. Robynne is greeted by club president Fretribution, though she dismisses him recognizing her voice from Corona Forge as a mistake due to now having Waveform as her handle. She notices he has an aura with crushed velvet's texture, and doesn't like that she finds his eyes attractive. The other person manning the booth, GalleyGirl, is an officer in the club's Knights of the Spherical Table guild and is excited to have a skilled player like Robynne join. Robynne signs up for the club and plans to attend the opening social on Friday. Robynne is unknowingly spotted exiting the booth by cheer captain Cammy DeCroix and her right hand Jodi, who determine Robynne is the hot nerd the cheer team needs and make plans to recruit her.

Back at her dorm, Robynne tells her friends and teammates how her first day back to class went, saying it could've been worse, and also mentions the auras she felt around campus. Angela takes interest at the latter point; Robynne noticing Angela and Mallory's auras before the Standridge Stone warp lit up, describing the team's auras in the most detail, and sensing Eli's aura at all leads to the conclusion that she has the strongest empathokinetic sense among the Spirit Guard. Unable to sense her own aura, Robynne is bothered when Angela describes it as the scent of a rose bouquet. Robynne mentioning Fretribution's textured aura has Angela act up, who had a bad experience with a similar but more potent aura in the past. Robynne retreats to her room early to catch up on the homework her reentry to college has left her, finding comfort in it as something that's free from her new life's complications.

That night, Robynne has a vision of the Shrine Maiden being visited by the Scholar and learning of drama in the Church of High Spirits as well as the plan to let the Ardent Empire die and save Earth. Mentioning it to Vivian in the morning causes an impromptu meeting with the whole team. Robynne is skeptical over the plan's need to eradicate the Ardentia instead of saving some people, negative emotions being forbidden, and the vision rendering the team's past lives' names as garbled sounds. Later that day, Robynne goes with Mallory to buy a backpack that won't dig into her breasts. Mallory insists on buying an expensive backpack with a credit card from her father as she's allowed to do so for her friends, saying she'll always be eager to help Rob for saving her life. Robynne learns that Mallory plans to tell her parents she's a Spirit Guard and asks to know how it goes to help prepare for her own plan to tell her uncle.

Robynne alters her Aspect Realms character into Waveform and joins the Knights of the Spherical Table, staying up late as she plays with her new guildmates, which Stacy takes notice of the next morning. Stacy insists on treating Robynne to lunch, but their meal is interrupted by Cammy the cheer captain, who has a sticky texture aura like the one Angela said she was hurt by in the past. Robynne realizes the aura is affecting her when she starts feeling jealous of Cammy's looks and pushes it out. She sees through Cammy's casual act and calls her out for making Stacy arrange the meeting just to get something from Robynne. As clubs determine Student Council votes and Cammy clearly considers nerds beneath her, Robynne correctly guesses that Cammy wanting her on the cheer team is due to her SFEERS membership. Cammy admits that she expected Robynne to be easily convinced as she found no info from Robynne's nonexistent social media presence. Robynne turns her down and shocks her when she gets up and leaves.

Robynne is texted by Angela, who saw the whole thing, and the two briefly discuss it in Robynne's room before Angela turns to her sensitive history with Cammy. Angela then explains her theory of Cammy possibly being reincarnated from the Empress, a theory she'd kept hidden from the others out of fear they wouldn't believe her due to them not feeling the potency of Cammy's aura like she and Robynne do. Robynne opens the door when she senses the rest of the team eavesdropping, letting them and Angela cry out their misunderstandings. Returning to Cammy's desire for Robynne on the cheer team, Angela notes that Cammy must see the rapidly growing SFEERS as a threat to her controlled Student Council votes. The gang's brainstorming for what to do is interrupted by a package: an extremely expensive tailor-made dress "C" bought to bribe Robynne into joining the team. Robynne is uneasy about her joining the team as a spy being presented as the best option, but finds herself wanting to take Cammy down regardless of possible Empress relations due to being reminded of Evelyn ruining Robert's high school life, which she explains to the others. They decide to send Robynne in to return the bribe along with a list of demands she's actually interested in, such as letting Vivian join so she won't be alone.

Part 3 Edit

Robynne Vivian Stacy

Robynne goes with Vivian and Stacy directly from the cheer photo shoot to the SFEERS opening social.

Robynne goes to Cory and Eli's dorm and surprises them when she explains her plan of joining cheer to them, admitting she's unsure about it but can't think of a better way to deal with the dangerous Cammy. They're interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Dale; the pair had warned Robynne about their new roommate's attraction to scarlettes like her and thus planned the meeting to coincide with his band practice. Robynne notices his relaxing textured aura and is unnerved to find him attractive. Dale fails to hide his interest in her and asks how she knows Cory and Eli. The trio explains that she knows them through her old friend Robert; she considers saying she's Robert's girlfriend to shut down Dale's pursuits but feels disgusted even thinking about her two selves that way. Robynne quickly excuses herself and decides to avoid Dale until she's better at dealing with attractions and auras.

Robynne goes to meet Cammy with Vivian, uncomfortable with the makeup and more stylish outfit meant to display her confidence to the cheer captain. Robynne sends Vivian away when they find Cammy, who likewise dismisses her officers. Robynne tells Cammy she's reconsidered the offer to play Cammy's "game" of manipulating clubs for Student Council votes, wanting to be the cheerleader that gets SFEERS involved so she can protect it. Robynne sets several conditions for her joining the team: let Vivian join as well, don't manipulate people like Stacy to ask Robynne for things, and let Robynne ditch any promotion job she's given. She also demands the dress she was bribed with be returned in favor of shipping computer parts to "Bluster" at Cory, Eli, and Dale's dorm, as she'll need to run high-end games in order to get close to the SFEERS officers. Cammy is furious at being ordered around but agrees.

The next day, Robynne and Vivian fill out their bios and head to a photo shoot for use on the cheer team's website. While Robynne has Stacy do her makeup, she learns that telling Cammy off at lunch had gotten her a reputation of being stuck up among the team. She meets Tanya and finds the snooping officer particularly annoying, but follows her instructions as she gets her pictures taken. Afterwards, Robynne and Vivian head to the SFEERS opening social to meet with Cory, Eli, and Kara, with Stacy tagging along at Vivian's request. Robynne and Vivian were ordered by Cammy to show up in their cheer uniforms, but they exploit a loophole by changing in the restrooms once they get there. Appearing in uniform makes quite an impression on the club, as Robynne is told there was a similar occurrence last year where a pair of cheerleaders apparently sent by Cammy failed to fit in with their feigned interest. Robynne meets several of her guildmates in person for the first time, deciding she'll have to placate NightKnight's frustration at being less skilled than her if she wants to get along with the fellow PvP enthusiast. She finds Fretribution, letting his emboldening aura mitigate her nervousness as she sings in Tour de Rock, being terrible at it due to never singing with her new voice. As he thanks her for embarrassing herself to help the others feel at ease, she realizes his aura must be responsible for the club's rapid growth and targeting by Cammy. Fretribution is frustrated at SFEERS continually being ignored by the Promotion Squad, which Stacy overhears and volunteers herself, Robynne, and Vivian to promote themselves.

After the social, Robynne and friends hang at Cory and Eli's dorm for a while, with Robynne returning to her own dorm shortly after Stacy leaves so her coupled friends can be by themselves. She explains how her night went to Noriko, who suggests she warps via the Standridge Stones to discuss it with the lonely Angela in person. At the Circle, Robynne senses something like a song within the center stone that should be empty now that the Spirit Guard is fully assembled. She also senses something like being watched, which she realizes she had previously felt when she showered in her new body for the first time. She decides it's either Fate or a spy of some sort, but loses track of it when her focus wavers. She explains this to Angela who has had similar experiences when alone, but they decide against pursuing it for now so they don't alarm it. Robynne and Angela talk about their respective experiences with the cheer team, realizing they have a lot in common despite their opposite personalities. Angela apologizes for how she acted to Robert at the Circle; she had assumed the Princess and Shrine Maiden's lifelong friendship would somehow translate to him eagerly joining the Spirit Guard, never considering their past lives separate people until Rob pointed out the absurdity of it. When Angela laments how she can't meet Stacy or be seen in public with Robynne due to Cammy's surveillance, Robynne convinces her to join SFEERS and borrow her old computer to play Aspect Realms with her so she can make new friends, as the club escapes Cammy's watch, uses online handles rather than real names, and has Fretribution's aura to study.

The next day, Robynne packs up her old computer, Windswept, and explains her and Angela's plan to Kara, noting how weird it feels to give away the last thing she had invested so much of herself into as Robert. Mallory and Noriko arrive with the new components from Cory and Eli's dorm. Robynne is annoyed to find Cammy had spited her for her demands; instead of getting black-and-blue components as requested, she got white-and-pink ones in a different style. Mallory offers to buy a different case at the store right then, but Robynne decides to keep it for now when Noriko suggests it would let Robynne subvert expectations of people who judge it by its colorful exterior, offering the name CandyStrike for it. Nick and Will come over so the latter can inspect the components for spying equipment. Will finds nothing but seems intimidated by Robynne, so she reminds him that she's a guy on the inside and gets him to vent about how he struggles with girls while Nick effortlessly gets dates. Robynne notices Will's morale increase when she shows interest in his computer building, and considers that being an attractive woman in this case helped the insecure Will. She accepts his offer to let her know when he finds a deal on a case she'll like more than her current one.

Robynne is paired with Lilly for promotion duty, but makes it clear they can safely skip it. Robynne's looks, late arrival to the team, refusal to socialize with the other cheerleaders, and Stacy's eagerness to talk about her new friend has led to several rumors about her that she shuts down, such as Dale answering the door to receive her computer parts meaning they must be dating. A rumor she had prepared for with all of her friends is that she's a lesbian, which she denies; much to her frustration, she finds her new body is attracted to men and not women. Deciding she has to be more proactive about her reputation, she admits her unfamiliarity with gossip and such is due to mostly having male friends growing up, and her type is guys with pretty eyes.

Robynne, Cory, and Eli stop at Buy Bright to find a birthday present for Cory's father on their way to a "Guys' Night" at the Headlights restaurant. Robynne is relieved to learn that Mallory explaining her superhero business to her parents went well for both her and Eli, giving her hope for when she has to do the same to her Uncle Taylor. She barely senses the phones of customers like Stacy drain trace amounts of Investiture from them and those they text and send it to a certain store employee. She has Cory and Eli contact the Spirit Guard and their allies and then sends them away with her own affected phone so Will can examine it. Fearing the monster will become too powerful if left alone for much longer, she ignores Eli's warning and decides to start the fight alone. Immediately after transforming into Spirit Guard Serenity in the restroom, she is attacked by the employee, who reveals herself as a monster called Cell-celia. Wounded and having dropped one of her daggers, Serenity gets Cell-celia to gloat, learning that Cell-celia is an advancement Platicore had sought for a while and that previous monsters had been monitored by a "stooge" of his. Spirit Guard Charity arrives to heal her. Serenity's sneak attacks and attempts to retrieve her weapon are foiled by the monster's signal-based detection, as are her attempts to plan with Charity by the Voice-to-Text move replacing verbal communication with visible text boxes. Spirit Guard Valor arrives, tells Serenity she can recall her weapon by mentally dismissing it first, hinders Cell-celia's signal vision with her Rising Spirit walls, and has Serenity cover her for a finishing blow. Serenity gets chewed out for recklessly fighting alone, with her realizing she knows little of her teammates' capabilities and is a poor team player because of it. She distracts the police by having them pursue her for a while before turning invisible and heading to Kunapipi's office to debrief. Her mention of Cell-celia's human disguise, signal vision, and low-key Investiture collection has the team conclude that Platicore is shifting his monster designs in hopes of harvesting as much Investiture as possible before the Spirit Guard find them. Mallory suggests nightly patrols of the city in order to snuff out newly planted monsters, but the plan is put off until Robynne explains her situation to her uncle.

When Robynne mentions giving her phone to Cory and Eli for Will's inspection, she's told by Ms. Kuna that the Hush Corps will contact Uncle Taylor tomorrow so he can plan to arrive at Kessia City that week. She attempts to destress that night by playing Aspect Realms and talking with Angela and Mallory, but her fatigue from the Cell-celia fight as well as fear of her uncle's arrival is apparent, heading to bed at her friends' suggestion. Seeing her reflection wearing Robert's oversized football jersey and realizing how much of her new life has become routine, she has no idea who she is anymore and is terrified at the thought of her uncle not recognizing the person who doesn't even recognize herself.

During the night, Robynne has a vision of the Shrine Maiden, who finds herself in a cell due to her and her shrine arriving to the capital unannounced, but the Princess and Soldier free her. As part of the plan, she is removed from the clergy and becomes a Lady-in-Waiting to the Princess, who lies her way past the corrupt Vice-Archon Liff. Robynne and the other Spirit Guard discuss this in the morning. The others are surprised the Princess made use of her religion's forbidden emotions even as an act due to having no hint of this in their own visions, but wonder if the Maiden shares Robynne's superior empathokinetic perception and thus detects what the others could not. Robynne is told the team's visions are apparently intended to teach a lesson to be used in the future.

As the meeting winds down, Tanya appears with a surprise promotion assignment for Robynne and Vivian. The two of them along with Stacy and Lilly are to hand out fliers for SFEERS's upcoming Mega Mash Family Battle tournament, doing so at the Billot Building during the lunch rush. Robynne is upset that Cammy is ignoring the agreement to ditch promotion, but is told this is a power play and a test to see if she'll be remain loyal now that she's had her extorted computer for a while. Robynne is paired with Stacy, nervous to talk with so many strangers. Stacy knows Robynne skips promotion from Lilly letting it slip to the team, but assures Robynne that even an introvert can do it.

Relationships Edit

Robynne and Angela

Robynne and Angela are polar opposites, but learn they have similar backgrounds. Robynne convinces Angela to join SFEERS and play Aspect Realms with her.

Taylor Dreese Edit

Robert's only remaining family is his Uncle Taylor, who has been his guardian since he was three years old. Robert attributes much of his character to his uncle, such as his sense of responsibility, ability to judge one's sincerity, and use of his uncle's unusual sayings. Robert knows attending SAU on the other side of the country has left his uncle lonely, so they talk on the phone several times a week. Rob avoids mentioning the Spirit Guard and monster attacks in Kessia City so his uncle won't fear for Rob's safety and make him return to Deepwater. After transforming, Robynne frets over how to explain her situation to him, deciding that telling him in person while he's under the Standridge Stones's perception filter is the best idea, with the plan involving the Hush Corps manipulating a contest to win him ticket and travel to the Homecoming football game. In the meantime, Robynne claims her phone's receiver is currently broken, so her and her uncle periodically text each other instead. Robynne's biggest fear is the possibility of her uncle not believing her when the time comes to explain everything to him.

Cory Frost and Eli Drake Edit

In the span of a week, Robert becomes best friends with his roommates Cory and Eli due to their shared nerdy interests, and they take to calling him Rob. Though Rob is sometimes unintentionally excluded from the pair's tangential banter, he quickly becomes part of their tight-knit friendship. All three of them are fiercely loyal to each other, with Cory and Eli agreeing to discretely record Robert's meeting with the Spirit Guard at the Standridge Circle despite thinking he's overly suspicious of the superheroes. Afterwards, Robert admits that he wouldn't know what to do if the meeting had gone according to the Spirit Guard's plan; if Rob had transformed without the pair knowing, she'd no longer have the same friendship with them. Cory and Eli's tears over their inability to save Spirit Guard Tenacity from Day LaMode is what convinces Rob to transform into Spirit Guard Serenity and save her himself, though the two leave at his behest and don't see the results until later that day. Robynne is hurt that the two instinctively ogled her new body before recognizing her, but their friendship remains absolute. Despite no longer rooming together, Cory and Eli treat Rob the same as they always have, which greatly comforts her. Robynne uses her new position as Vivian's roommate to convince her to give Cory a second chance after his spying at the Circle meeting, and does her best to ease the guilt Eli has over feeling responsible for her situation. The trio has taken to making their hangouts into "Guys' Nights" to give Rob a break from her female roommates and a chance to feel like her old self again. Cory and Eli are in SFEERS with Robynne, being the ones to recommend the club to her in the first place. The pair make it clear that their dorm is still home to Robynne, but she doesn't visit as often as she'd like due to the arrival of their roommate Dale, whose relaxing aura and poorly hidden flirting as well as her own unwanted attraction to him make her uncomfortable.

Angela Warrant Edit

Robynne hates being compared to Angela and can find her uptight moral standards, reverence for Fate, and letting her Spirit Guard duties rule her life to be grating, but the two bond over their similar upbringings and mutual hatred of sociopath cheerleaders from their pasts. She lends her old computer to Angela, convincing her to play Aspect Realms with her and join SFEERS in order to make new friends in a way that evades Cammy's attempts to crush her social life. Robynne uses an alternative healer character called Isocruciatic when playing with the green Angela, who prefers story quests over PvP. Robynne becomes a sort of mentor figure to Angela when it comes to gaming, feeling proud as she watches her student gradually morph into a nerd like her.

Mallory Drake Edit

Mallory shows a sisterly concern for Rob's well-being as early as the Standridge Circle meeting, completely understanding his refusal to transform for the sake of Fate, who she feels similarly belittled by. Rob's heroism and selflessness repeatedly impress Mallory, receiving the nickname Ace after transforming in order to save Mal's life. Mallory teases Robynne and dismisses her nerdy hobbies in the same playful manner that she does Eli and Cory, and Robynne agrees that it helps her feel like her old self. Despite Mal complaining that Robynne turned Angela into a nerd, the three enjoy the banter they have when Robynne and Angela play Aspect Realms together. Mallory understands Robynne is slow to ask others for help, but makes it clear that she's forever grateful for having her life saved and can be called upon for any reason.

Vivian Joy Edit

Vivian uses her boundless energy to keep Robynne's spirits up, utilizing her irreverent brand of humor to poke fun at awkward subjects by drawing attention to the ridiculousness of Robynne's situation. Her nicknames for Robynne, Rosy and Red, both reference her scarlette hair. As her roommate, Robynne sometimes finds Vivian's antics annoying, but appreciates Vivian as one who never walks on eggshells around her, which can bait her into doing some needed venting. The two share a scientific thought process, liking to discuss theories on and experiment with empathokinesis. Vivian follows Kara's lead of joining SFEERS to be there for Robynne, also joining Robynne on her infiltration of the cheer team so she wouldn't be alone in such a harsh and unfamiliar social field.

Kara Balmer Edit

Kara shows a great awareness of Robynne's stresses, apologizing in advance for her tendency to hug. She offers help and advice to deal with the awkwardness of her situation, especially when it comes to social interaction. Robynne likes having such a compassionate roommate and greatly enjoys Kara's cooking as well. Kara joins SFEERS in large part to help her new friend, explaining that anyone would do it for someone facing as much difficulty as Robynne is.

Kunapipi Edit

Rob isn't fond of Kunapipi for being a Guide sent by Fate that seems to be mostly useful for mundane tasks rather than offering guidance to the Spirit Guard like her title suggests, so the two meet only when necessary. Robynne feels little shame when acting rude to her or making her appear in her uncomfortable human form because Robynne feels no need to be unsettled by a talking wallaby on top of her gripes with her own body.

Noriko Yukimura Edit

Robert and Noriko initially dislike each other: she distrusts him for having Cory and Eli record the meeting with the Spirit Guard, while Rob holds a grudge against her for threatening his friends with her sword when they got caught doing so. Despite this, Robynne becomes Noriko's new roommate rather than Angela's due to a shared desire for privacy. They learn they misjudged each other after Rob sacrifices her identity to transform: Noriko is moved by Robynne's selflessness, as is Robynne by Noriko's sincere apology and going to the trouble to return the comic book she had lost during the battle with Day LaMode. Noriko's analytical nature helps Robynne understand and deal with the complications of her new life, and also trains her in parkour for use in monster fights.

Nick and Will Siekert Edit

Robynne doesn't meet Nick or Will until after her transformation; the Twins are only familiar with her old self from altering her legal documentation, so they've had to be reminded she wasn't born a girl. She and Nick share their Introduction to Digital Arts class, and though she's initially put off by his accidental chivalry toward her, the two become friends that like to tease each other. Robynne dislikes how people misinterpret them as a couple, but does enjoy how being around Nick wards off guys who would hit on her. She envies Nick for not stressing out over dates, and explaining the downsides of her introversion helps him gain a better understanding of Will's similar troubles. Will is initially very nervous around Robynne, but becomes more comfortable once she reminds him about her old self and expresses similar interests to his. Robynne finds that simply being an attractive woman that shows interest in Will greatly boosts his confidence, considering this a rare benefit of her new body.

Stacy Ambrose Edit

Robynne finds herself making unlikely friends with Stacy, one of the cheerleaders she had absentmindedly kicked a rock towards as Robert. The two meet again in their Intro to Business class, and their conversation is the first one Robynne has with someone who doesn't know her secret. Despite Stacy's bubbly personality sharply contrasting Robynne's, her sincerity and nonjudgmental attitude makes Robynne comfortable being herself around her. Stacy's eagerness to help leads her to talk about Robynne to the other cheerleaders and inadvertently fuel the rumor mill, but Robynne completely believes her when she clarifies that she can be trusted to keep a secret if asked. Robynne periodically drops hints about Cammy's true nature to Stacy, hoping that letting her draw the conclusion herself will help her deal with the captain's commanding aura. Robynne is annoyed whenever she catches herself using Stacy's infectious verbal tic of "like".

Lilly Edit

After joining the cheer team, Robynne is often paired up with Lilly, the other cheerleader Robert had kicked a rock at. Robynne likes being able to complain about Cammy to her, and Lilly shares her disdain for promotion duty and enjoys slacking off. Robynne being so straightforward in conversation surprises the gossip Lilly, who serves as a window into her reputation among the team. Robynne's late arrival to the team and lack of interaction with the other cheerleaders lead to uncontrolled rumors about her, so she decides to be a bit more active in shaping her image.

Cammy DeCroix Edit

Robynne reserves special hatred for the cheer captain Cammy due to being reminded of the cheerleader who ruined Robert's high school life, having joined the cheer team for the sole purpose of eventually tearing her down. Robynne knows Cammy needs a SFEERS member like her and thus gets away with a lot, and Cammy responds by annoying her in ways intended to remind Robynne who's in charge. The two are intrigued by each other: Robynne wants to learn more about Cammy's overpowering aura and mysterious schemes, while Cammy takes special interest in Robynne for being one of the only people brave enough to not only say no to her, but make demands of her. Robynne is able to track Cammy's position from great distances due to a piece of Cammy's aura sticking to her own. Despite Robynne's unmatched scorn for Cammy, Cammy's left hand Tanya aggravates her more for being a snooping, lying gossip of an officer.


After her transformation, Robynne quits her old Aspect Realms guild of Mayhem Templar and discards her online handle of Bluster, sad to leave her friends there. Eager to fill that gap, she joins SFEERS and its guild, Knights of the Spherical Table, under the new handle of Waveform. She's glad the new guild is a more welcome environment for girls than Mayhem Templar had been in the past. Video Gaming Officer and guildmaster SaltStorm is happy to have a new member, convincing Robynne to do raids on top of PvP. GalleyGirl is enthusiastic and friendly, though Robynne finds her frequent cosplay suggestions tiring at times. Robynne and NightKnight had actually played against each other before, but Robynne doesn't remember it and NightKnight wouldn't know due to it being before Rob's transformation. NightKnight shares Robynne's passion for PvP, so she makes an effort to remain on his good side due to his frustration at a new recruit like her being a better player and tactician than he is, which isn't helped by ergoAwesome readily praising Robynne's skill from the times she played with her and TurtleSmuggler. Robynne had played Corona Forge with the club's president Fretribution during her first online experience as a girl, him being one of the few people to defend her while she was being harassed. She denies it when they meet in person as she had been using her old handle at the time. The two share a love of of classic rock music. She dislikes that she finds him attractive, but makes an effort to observe his emboldening aura that's apparently the cause of SFEERS's breakneck growth and subsequent targeting by Cammy.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • A few of Rob's character traits stem from the author, Taralynn Andrews:
    • Rob playing a lot of Aspect Realms is based on Andrews's love of World of Warcraft.
    • In Chapter 32's author commentary, Andrews notes that people finding it strange how Rob can be a fan of both football and video games mirrors her own experience as someone who is heavily into baseball and nerdy things.
    • In the September 2016 Q&A, it's stated that Rob drinking large amounts of Pep MD stems from Andrews's guilty pleasure of Dr. Pepper.
  • In Chapter 16's author commentary, Andrews says she considered having Robynne struggle to speak and walk at first in her new body, but discarded it out of concern that it would unnecessarily slow the story down.
  • In Chapter 30's author commentary, it's revealed that the details of Robert's high school drama was initially planned to be revealed later in the story, but Andrews felt Vivian wouldn't ignore Robynne hinting at it affecting her decision to take Cammy down. Due to this, said backstory is given relatively little foreshadowing.
  • In the October 2016 Q&A, Rob is stated to have no real preference of car, merely desiring something reliable and low-maintenance.
  • In the February 2017 Q&A, it's said that Robynne, with proper voice coaching, could be great at singing country or folk rock.
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