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pic of Spirit Guard FelIcity by The Pipmeister

Name: Vivian Joyce
Alias: Spirit Guard Felicity


Aura Description: A flower with a very strong smell. It’s kind of fruity, but also spicy. Also, the aura also smells sticky. A flower from a damp or humid location. But not a swamp.
Powers/Abilities: Spirit Guard Transformation

Inferno of Happiness

Encircling Joy

Likes: Sweet/junk food


Teasing her friends

Ice Cream


Job/Studying: Developmental Psychology Major

Film Minor

Physical appearance Edit

Vivian Joyce Spirit Guard Felicity
Hair Black hair long enough to get caught in doors Knee length black hair with pink tips
Height 5ft 5ft
Build Diminutive build described as wearing extra smalls.

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Friends Edit

Robert Dreese/Robynne Darling

Cory Frost

Mallory Drake

Enemies/Rivals Edit



Personality Edit



"I just like to ruffle everyone’s feathers. I mess with everyone who is my friend."

Best Quotes Edit

[“I would have allowed the pillow but it seems your case is too severe. Also you kept complaining. But let’s pretend it’s because your case is too severe. You need to perch on your knees like a proper lady now. And choco is the latin root for chocolate. Phage is latin to eat. Choco-phagial: eating chocolate. Communication therapy: talking through your problems with another. Ta-daa! Choco-phagial communication therapy.”] -Chapter 18

[“Psh. Maybe you can’t. I refuse to be bound by your petty grammar.”] -Chapter 19